My Favorite Names and Questions.

My Favorite Names:   Teee-Cha!  You, You, You;  Go, Go, Go;  Miss Jan Favorite Sayings & Questions: “Be Careful! There might be snakes, spiders, etc.” “You not old, You strange, but you not old!”   “Did you eat?, When did you eat?, Are you hungry?”  “Do you like Vietnamese food?” What’s your favorite dish?” “Picture Time!” […]

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Once a Teacher . . .

Even though it took several weeks for permits to come through, they finally did and I was able to visit 3 different schools. The first was a public preschool with 500 children ages 3-6.  I was not permitted to visit the classrooms, only the courtyard, where various stations and activities were taking place.  The second […]

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Closing to an Amazing Experience

Hard to write about, so much has happened.  I realize I haven’t really talked about teaching and the workshops I provided. I loved, loved, loved teaching the English Language students.  I taught 3 classes a week – each group, at different levels.  They were such wonderful students.  In addition to teaching the English Language students […]

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A little R & R in Singapore

OK, I can’t believe it’s been over 2 weeks since I posted anything! I flew to Singapore the Weekend of October 19-22 to visit my sister Judy and husband Chris.  An excursion to Arab Street and the top of the MBS and an amazing 4, course turned into 5 or 6 with “chef offerings” with Saki […]

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A “Touristy” Adventure

My weekly schedule was updated on Tuesday to include a “Tourist” excursion for Thursday.  We, 3 motor cycles and 5 teachers, left at 7:30 for an excursion to a small village and then a ferry boat trip to a small island to visit the home of the Coconut religion – Not an official religion although […]

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I’d be lying if . . .

I’d be lying if I said venturing out on my own, beyond walking up the street to get some food, was easy.  If I’m meeting up with at least one other person it’s easier, than a solo outing. Either way, it takes a fair amount of mental “gearing –up,” and strategic planning. First, there’s the […]

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