Formalities and Ceremony

Turns out the “Welcome” was a much bigger deal than I had anticipated. TV, Reporters, Opening speech  by the Rector and other Government VIPs.  I’ve never had a translator except these past few days in smaller conversations, but this was a whole different dumpling!  A few photos below:

Interpreter Extrodainnaire, Cultural Eiquette, Vietnamese Teacher and Motor bike driver Supreme!
My tech support – Emoji tutor, and superb motor bike driver!
Always Giver of Gifts!  Today’s was a much needed map!
My support Team – They’ve been amazing.


Celebration Dinner

Fresh and Cooked at the table. 

4 thoughts on “Formalities and Ceremony

  1. Wow, amazing! So happy you get to experience this! All your hardwork and committment to early childhood has led you here. You are amazing 🙂


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