Quotes, Lessons & Kleenex

Who knew my little tissue packets would provide timely reminders, and in the order I needed them? First one was on the plane to Tokyo.  Second was just before my First Presentation, and the third was this morning as I contemplate a solo outing!


Some of the lessons I’ve been learning:

  • Plans Change, frequently
  • Always take Poncho and/or umbrella
  • Use the WC before going anywhere
  • “It’s Really Close” always means a motor scooter ride
  • Breakfast = Pho
  • Street Food is inevitable, usually delicious, and incredibly inexpensive
  • A smile and slight bow or nod goes a long ways
  • No sleeveless shirts during the work day, shopping, eating, basically No Sleeveless Shirts.
  • Social Media is way to communicate
  • Always include emoji or sticker with every social media communication
  • Make sure phone is always charged
  • Remember to take cord with the phone backup charger.
  • Take bottled water whenever possible
  • Learn the Vietnamese phrase for “No Ice”, please.

My favorite Quote by far is:  You not Old!  You strange, but you not old!

A few Photos of notes from my Vietnamese Teacher, The The Guest House, Student Parking, Required Courses for students in Early Childhood Program and my Kitchen set-up

Course Requirement 1
Early Childhood Education Course of Study – “Love the Job, young love,  . . .  Not sure I could pass the Obligatory Courses.

Course Requirement2Course Requirement3

Vetnamese Notes 2
Learning Vietnamese is really, really hard.
Student Parking
Classroom Bldgs.
IMG_2739 2
Guest House
My little cooking kitchen, just purchased the rice cooker.


7 thoughts on “Quotes, Lessons & Kleenex

  1. So – I love the student parking lot. In Singapore it’s an umbrella and if you take it – it won’t rain but if you forget it – it will monsoon. Yes always use the WC before going out. And wow 😮 those classes and wow 😲 learning Viatnamese looks very confusing 🤔😳I have little tissue packets with me at all times – they come in handy often! Love that we are basically on the same time and can chat during normal hours!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your blog. It is such fun to read, and will be such a lovely record of this trip. Very interesting course list🙊 I expect some emoji lessons when you return!


  3. Jan, you are on quite the adventure! I admire your braveness. So happy for you and thank you for opening the blog to me. I am happy I can follow your journey. And Wow, what an early childhood curriculum!!


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