Once a Teacher . . .

Even though it took several weeks for permits to come through, they finally did and I was able to visit 3 different schools. The first was a public preschool with 500 children ages 3-6.  I was not permitted to visit the classrooms, only the courtyard, where various stations and activities were taking place.  The second school was a newly opened International private preschool for ages 1-5 and the third school was a school for special needs children ages 3-18.  Lorie your toys were a delightful treat at the special needs school and to some children I passed by on my daily walks – Thank You!  Patty P.  notice the speech session with the two children.  img_3157img_3161img_3162img_3475img_3473img_3471-1img_3458img_3450img_3448-1img_3435-11540340019010-11540340019009-11540340019008-1IMG-3133PK childrenPreschool 1Preschool 2Preschool 3Preschool 4

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