Quotes, Lessons & Kleenex

Who knew my little tissue packets would provide timely reminders, and in the order I needed them? First one was on the plane to Tokyo.  Second was just before my First Presentation, and the third was this morning as I contemplate a solo outing!   Some of the lessons I’ve been learning: Plans Change, frequently […]

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Imitation, Context, Patterns & Routines ( Kind of like Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!)

I’ve been aware this past week of the parallels between my own challenges, ones that accompany choosing to be in a completely different country, and the challenges children I have worked with over the years experience with learning language and making meaning. My ability to hear and imitate sounds, tones, or words is significantly challenged, […]

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Formalities and Ceremony

Turns out the “Welcome” was a much bigger deal than I had anticipated. TV, Reporters, Opening speech  by the Rector and other Government VIPs.  I’ve never had a translator except these past few days in smaller conversations, but this was a whole different dumpling!  A few photos below:  

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Is it Friday already?

Started day with motorbike ride across town for breakfast meeting. My interpreter shard with me that there had been a little concern about my age and they where worried I wouldn’t be up for the work schedule. Now they wonder how I am so healthy and have so much energy- The ride home included a […]

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Photos, Photos, Photos!

As students were lining up to have their picture taken with me the women from the US Consulate in Ho Chi Minh said:  If there isn’t a picture, it didn’t happen!”  I’m not sure how I feel about that, but when in  . . . So here are a few more pics.  I just discovered […]

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